The journey towards health and wellness is a path strewn with numerous thorns. It is not an easy task to undertake that journey without help, motivation, and the right guidance.

Traditional Indian systems of medicine, including yoga and naturopathy, are holistic systems of healing that can provide a helping hand to cross this arduous path.

It is my vision to create awareness about naturopathy and yoga in a way that is simple, acceptable, easily accessible, and easy to understand. To generate interest in people to embrace this drug-free and holistic system of healing and empower one to participate in one's own journey towards health using evidence-based techniques. To accomplish this, it is important to equip people with the right knowledge and provide them with opportunities to explore various avenues of naturopathy and yoga. As a part of my endeavor to achieve this, the health and wellness blog, Ekuilibrium (www.krithika.net) was established.


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